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As well as the Dave Warren JazzQuartet and JazzDuo I also play in or work with the following bands. For more information click here to contact me or go to the band’s website (see links below where available).

The Blues Experience

Formed in 2017, this septet features three members of Interplay (me, Richard Dray on drums and Martin Gibbons on bass) plus guitarist/singer Gil Holmes whom I play with in G2, plus our wonderful horn section comprising John Cerny (baritone sax), Mark Jordan (tenor sax) and Stef Harford (trumpet). The band plays Chicago blues influenced by the likes of Paul Butterfield, Freddie King and Eric Clapton and its first gig was at the Three Elms pub last July. The repertoire includes songs such as Born In Chicago, Hoochie Coochie Man, Further On Up The Road and Born Under A Bad Sign.

Go to my gigs page to see when the Blues Experience are next playing.

Angie and Dave

13179382_533343796838489_5387891020096232309_nClick here to see our promo video!

I have known Angie Budd for many years and realised that she was an excellent singer but it wasn’t until late 2015 that I decided to approach her with an idea in mind. We got together one evening and were amazed that by the end of the evening we had sung and played countless songs together and realised that the potential was there for a good performing duo or band.

In Angie’s own words: “I have always enjoyed singing and have been in many choirs plus a few musicals over the years. I was lead singer for Toolshed, a covers band, for 5 years, before joining Dave Warren for a duo in 2015.”

Go to my gigs page to see when Angie and Dave are next playing.


Formed in 2009 D’Ukes rapidly became one of the foremost ukulele bands in the country and now regularly sell out theatres such as the Cramphorn Studio, Chelmsford and Maritime Room, Southend. They have appeared on TV including Channel 5’s Big Brother and headlined the 1st Czech Republic ukulele festival in 2013 and will be returning in 2016. D’Ukes are ideal entertainment for special events, weddings and parties as well as clubs, bars, theatres and festivals. Click here to visit their website.


Gil and Dave holding guitarsWhat’s nicer to listen to than one jazz guitarist? Two! G2, a self-deprecating play on the name G3 comprising three of the world’s top virtuoso guitarists, consists of just me and Gil Holmes. Suitable for cafes, bars and restaurants, our first try-out gig was at the Three Elms on Wednesday 28 October 2015. Gil can sing too and did just that on Layla and Stormy Monday Blues.

Gil Holmes – a Yorkshire man. This is what he has to say: “Even though I moved down here many, many years ago, my heart is still in Yorkshire and I still consider myself to be a Northener! However, I have to say that life has been good to me down here and I have had a great teaching career in Technology and Art. I have also assisted my patient lady wife Meg, in bringing up two wonderful offspring, Steve and Leonie.

“Musically, in recent years I have moved from a general interest in guitar playing to a more specialised focus on jazz guitar. The challenges are limitless. Who do I really like to listen to? Kenny Burrell and Jim Hall to name two but there are so man. Currently I play in G2 with fellow guitarist Dave Warren.

“My musical aspirations compete with my artistic aspirations and I have been trying to link the music with the art by producing portraits of jazz musicians. Creating a piece of artwork allows you to be yourself totally and just take lots of risks. It’s exciting, frustrating but often really fulfilling. My favourite artists currently are Bacon, Turner, Picasso and the sculptor Antony Caro.”


eventsFormed many years ago as the brain child of budding drummer Richard Dray, Interplay have developed into a regularly gigging modern jazz outfit performing around the Essex area and neighbouring counties.

The band cover tunes by well known artists such as Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk as well as playing familiar tunes by composers such as Gershwin, Cole Porter and Jerome Kern. Band members are John Seeley (tenor sax and clarinet), me (guitar), Martin Gibbons (bass guitar) and Richard Dray (drums).

To visit their website click here.

David Dael Quartet

20150624_193318The DDQ formed in 2014 as a rehearsal band with each member having their own personal goals to aim for. Mine in particular was playing the double bass to a gigging standard and our plan was to perform in January 2016. Unfortunately and sadly, David Dael suddenly passed away in 2105 but we still performed the gig as a tribute to him. The future of the band remains uncertain but will carry on in one form or another and will take with it David’s enthusiasm for the music.

David Dael (tenor sax) sadly passed away in December 2014. He had a fascination with saxophones and acquired a tenor many years ago. He attended a part time course for sax playing at Goldsmiths and learnt the fundamentals. It was whilst at Goldsmiths that he played with the very political Big Red Band, a street marching band playing at Miners’ events and other major issues of the day. Married life, kids and work happened and it really took retirement to enable him to take up playing again. His love of jazz, however, never diminished during his suburban hubby years.

Graham Masters (guitar) started playing banjo aged 11. He bought a classical guitar aged 16 and took lessons then spent my teenage years and early 20s in folk clubs. He messed about for next 30 years and then joined a swing jazz band aged 50. He’s now trying to play lead guitar in a covers band and also jazz with the David Dael Quartet and an eclectic mix of music with other friends. 64 years old and still loving it!

mick fosterMick Foster (drums). After half a life annoying friends by tapping along to music on any available surface, Mick started learning to play drums in the 1990s. As a consultant economist, Mick worked in most parts of the world (‘no country too small…’) but frequent travel made being in a band difficult. Now retired and catching up for lost time, Mick also plays in a couple of covers bands (Replicate and Toolshed), as well as regularly sitting in at the monthly Bassment Blues Jam. None of Mick’s family share his musical tastes – Miles Davis and Take That glare at each other from opposite ends of the shelf – but he is working on converting the grandchildren.

Tutton Foster Trio

The TFT formed as an outlet for my rock guitar playing urges and soon got gigs performing short sets in support of rock covers band Toolshed. The other two band members are…

steve tutton father xmasSteve Tutton (bass) started playing guitar in an evening class and over time has learned to play guitar, ukulele and bass. Now a dedicated bassist, he has played in several formats, from an original 60’s band (the Muskrats) to more current covers bands (Replicate and Toolshed), playing indie and classic rock covers, in local pubs and clubs. He also enjoys collaborations with other musicians, playing other styles of music, performing at gigs and open mike nights, and dressing up.

Mick Foster (drums) After half a life annoying friends by tapping along to music on any available surface, Mick started learning to play drums in the 1990s blah blah blah see above.

Haybergill Band

Not really band, more a way of life! Well for six days of the year at least. For many years now a group of jazz friends have travelled north to Cumbria for a week’s jazz playing, plus eating and drinking, interspersed with lively dinner conversation and walks across the moors. The Haybergill Band play jazz standards just for fun, to themselves just for the pleasure of it.

Painting of Thunderbird 2 by mum back in 1967

Thunderbird 2

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