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Private lessons

Hello, unfortunately I no longer offer guitar lessons (except of the jazz variety!). Thanks for checking…

Monday evening guitar group

I have been running an evening group for several years which meets up weekly. The group session covers music theory (e.g. scales, chords), guitar techniques, learning songs and group dynamics. This is a relaxed session lasting two hours including a break for the all important cup of tea, biscuit and a chat. If interested please contact me.

Details what we have covered in the previous sessions including song sheets can be viewed in my blog.

Coaching bands

I also offer my services as a coach to bands (no, I am not offering to bus you around!). A number of bands I have coached have gone on to gig regularly and successfully.

Topics covered including

  • song arranging
  • lead guitar playing
  • intros and outros
  • adding interest and dynamics to songs
  • improving the band’s overall performance
  • communicating with the audience
  • what to do during difficult songs
  • song memorising techniques

For more information please contact me. Here are some of the bands I have had the pleasure of helping along the way…


20130301_231021I have been involved in coaching Toolshed for over a decade though nowadays they are an independent gigging band. And I quote one of their band members: “Toolshed was formed from members of a guitar evening class in 2003. After a year of theory and learning Puff the Magic Dragon there were six survivors who asked Dave Warren for help in guiding them into ‘rockier’ terrain. Under his guidance we found our voice as a band.

We recruited a drummer, developed our singing, someone took up the bass and then we were ready to perform. This was initially to friends but nowadays as a paid classic rock covers band, playing pubs, clubs and parties. Dave was our mentor and friend for many years and although we now have the ability to work out how to play songs and make arrangements interesting, Dave still keeps an eye on us as an occasional critical friend. He is also a personal friend and gives music lessons to individuals who have wanted to develop their musicianship. As happens to bands, some original members have left and new members recruited, however, we are still playing together most weeks and occasionally gigging. But most importantly, still having fun! Thanks Dave!”

Guitars Galore 4x1Guitars Galore

Guitars Galore are an all female guitar group who met while attending evening class. I coach them monthly and they have progressed from simple strum along songs to tunes such as Brown Eyed Girl, Love Is All Around and Those Were The Days. The band members are Margaret White, Terri, Sarah Walters and Glynis Porter who also plays bass guitar.


Steve Hammond formed Alias (originally called Footprint) back in 2013 after meeting bass player Dave Hyde at my Monday Evening Guitar Group. They recruited Steve’s sister’s boyfriend on drums and vocalist Lisa. Last to arrive was guitarist John. Alias perform a range of classic and modern rock songs including Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Anarchy In The UK, Hot Love and Mardy Bum.


My old 2CV!


After I sold it to a TV production company it was used in My Mad Fat Diaries. This photo was taken after the company had restored the 2CV and were about to sell it again.

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