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DWJQ (The Dave Warren Jazz Quintet)

Tony, Mick, Annette, John and Dave

LogoThe DWJQ perform modern jazz from the era of the 1940s to 1960s by the likes of Lou Donaldson, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins plus familiar tunes such as Autumn Leaves, Summertime and Georgia On My Mind, and a host of Latin tunes with both Cuban and Brazilian influence.




New band member, Annette Sullivan


The band play most months at The Three Elms in Chignal St James as well as at private parties, beer festivals and other clubs and events. 

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Upcoming gigs

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Band members

Dave Warren (guitar). Dave first played guitar in the 1970s in school and college rock bands covering tunes by the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana and Fleetwood Mac before jumping on the New Wave bandwagon and forming and writing songs for (with Chris Piper) a band called Charming Farming. At the same time he composed musique concrete and electronic music under the name of The Furniture Beetles which led to all sorts of musical dead ends. After a long stretch of nothingness Dave returned to music in the 1990s joining the electro-pop band Seventh Heaven on keyboards which in turn morphed into KIK. Eventually the guitar beckoned and he returned to playing it in bands such as No Alibi and The Black Hairy Spiders and the electronic pop duo Secret Secret. His partner’s interest in singing jazz got him learning jazz guitar and this resulted in playing for a couple of jazz groups, Glorious Hill and Jazmin. A chance teaching session with a ukulele player introduced him to the guitar’s smaller cousin and he formed the band D’Ukes in 2008. Time moved on and Dave now plays for Interplay, the DW JazzQuartet, D’Ukes, The Blues Experience and various other combinations of musicians in duos and trios.

Tony Pethen (alto and baritone saxes) began playing jazz at Uni in the 1960s, before the days of rock. People actually danced to their music in those days! They played standards and tunes from Kind of Blue and other (then) current albums and Charlie Parker was and is Tony’s main influence. Family life took over and he didn’t start playing again until near retirement. He has played alto sax in Interplay with Dave, and lately also baritone sax at local venues like The Oakwood pub in Eastwood and Three Elms in Chignal St James.

John Mattock (bass guitar). In his teenage years and early twenties, John played drums and occasional bass in various bands around East London and West Essex. After a long non-music career, John returned to music initially playing the ukulele but soon returning to one of his original instruments to play bass with D’Ukes. Although John has a broad interest in music across many genres, his interest in jazz developed more recently. After attending Essex Easter Jazz in 2017 he started occasional depping on bass for the Southend Jazz Co-op, as well as for the DWJQ subsequently becoming DWJQ’s permanent bass player. As well as D’Ukes and the DWJQ, John also plays bass with blues band The Blues Experience.

Mick Foster (drums). After half a life annoying friends by tapping along to music on any available surface, Mick started learning to play drums in the 1990s. As a consultant economist, Mick worked in most parts of the world (‘no country too small…’) but frequent travel made being in a band difficult. Since then he has played with various covers bands, and continues to play at every jazz blues and rock jam that he can get to. He is currently learning bass guitar with the aim of one day inflicting it on the public – but drums remain his first love. None of Mick’s family share his musical tastes – Miles Davis and Take That glare at each other from opposite ends of the shelf – but he is working on converting the grandchildren.

Annette Sullivan (tenor sax). Annette’s musical development started at the age of 11 with playing the piano. Her older brother was constantly listening to jazz in the family home, so perhaps this had a bearing on her future influences. Annette saw a saxophone trio play and instantly fell in love with the saxophone. This resulted in buying her first saxophone. Her musical journey progressed onto playing with Caprice, a wind orchestra, an 18 piece swing band and a covers/rhythm & blues band in the late 1990’s. Annette’s influences are Dexter Gordon, Hank Mobley and early John Coltrane. She has been fortunate to study with Mark Lockheart, followed by two years with Alan Barnes and subsequently Vasilis Xenopoulos. Annette was delighted to accept the invitation to become a member of the DWJQ.


The DWJQ typically play for two hours from a large repertoire which can be sent upon request. If you wish to book us we would be happy to play your choices.


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